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Salem Operations Update - From Jeremy Goyer

Happy Tuesday AMR Salem.

Hope this email finds everyone well. I want to start off with a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you. The past year has been challenging to say the list and we, as a team, keep charging forward. I wanted to message to all of some friendly reminders and updates. I wont make this a long email so these are just key points.

COVID – 19, IT IS STILL VERY REAL and we cannot let our guard down. MASK, MASK, MASK, MASK. Mask are to be a 3 ply cloth with not with a patient. Surgical Mask, EYE Protections and gloves are to be worn with all patient contacts. Mask are also to be worn by the patient as well. N95s are required with confirmed COVID-19 patient that are vent, CPAP, BIPAP and/or receiving aerosolized treatments. Daily screenings are still a requirement by all through Safe Restart process.

Montgomery Helipad – Concerns have been brought to us on the parking of Ambulances for helipad runs. I have attached a picture of the “Do Not Enter Line”. It is my understanding that a line will eventually be painted for clear visibility but do not have a time line on that project. As with any aircraft, allow plenty of room the aircraft to land and do not approach aircraft until instructed to do so by the pilot or crew.

On scene times and transmitting calls. The goal is 20-30 minutes on scene total. This is NOT the time to do a report at the nurses station. I am fully understanding that there will always unusual circumstances but those are just that, unusual. Please be very aware of time management as I am sure we are all aware of out peak times. Your diligent awareness of on scene times can significantly help with managing hold over times. EPCR are to completed at the end of that call and not at the end of your shift. I again, I am aware of those unusual circumstances, but those are unusual and waiting to the end of your shift should NOT be a common practice.

Thank you all for your time, consideration and attentiveness on these topics.


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