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RVA - Equipment Deployment Update

Our OPS Leads have been working hard over the last few days to kick start our initiative on revamping the bags and compartment setup on our fleet. We have a starting template, and as with all things new we anticipate needing to adjust as we begin to use the new layout. Your feedback is valuable to make this as efficient as possible.

We have Transit 08126 set up with the new configuration sitting outside the OPS window for you to go through and review. We have focused on streamlining, reducing redundant items, making sure BLS providers have access to the items they need to fully practice to their level of Licensure. Again, this truck is missing the seals so that you can review the changes.

Here are some highlights:

  • KING AIRWAYS: Relocated the King Airways to sealed bag 7 to be accessible to BLS providers;

  • ASSET TAGS: All bags will be receiving an “Asset Tracking” tag, like what we use on the ODEMSA drug boxes. It will include an inventory sheet, with a tag for check-off accountability and nearest expiration date. All bags will be surveyed bi-weekly by OPS;

  • CCT BAGS ELIMINATED: CCT bags have been eliminated and all bags converted to green ALS bags;

  • NEW VENT BAGS: New black AMR logo bags are being put into service to accompany each Vent;

  • CAPNO: Capnography, vent filters were pulled from the CCT bags and relocated into the new vent bags;

  • LP15 CAPNO: Capnography has been added to the LP15 inventory;

  • SEALED COMPARTMENTS: OEMS required supplies are being sealed in the compartments with expiration dates as required to speed beginning check-off;

  • IV PUMP TUBING IN GREEN BAG: IV pump tubing is relocated into the green bag in the side pocket.

  • ETT TUBES: Relocated into the side pocket with the pump tubing, overwrapped for protection and to free up space in the center pocket. Other sensitive items (suction catheters, etc.) that need to maintain sterility will also be overwrapped.

Again, to emphasize, this is a starting point that we know we will be making adjustments to as we begin to use it and learn what works and what doesn’t; make sure to give us feedback to help the system work for you.

Please direct suggestions to Andy McMahan AND John Keller, preferably by email with a verbal follow-up so we can stay organized and make sure we take every point into account.

Thank you for being the EMS Professionals you are, and serving your patients every day.

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