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Ferno Intraxx Demo Unit

AMR Richmond has been selected to demo a new generation of ambulance design. This ambulance utilizes a new way of thinking to safely store and access equipment within the patient care area. This system is called Ferno INTRAXX and has been equipped into unit number 37497 in Richmond. 

We are excited at the opportunity to help mold and craft the next generation of ambulance design and are actively soliciting provider feedback on the system and its layout. Should you be assigned to this unit for a shift we ask that you critique the layout, usability, ease of access, and safety of the patient care area. Prior to heavy use we recommend you review the below in-service videos on YouTube. This will help familiarize you with the usage of the INTRAXX system and how to use it. You may also reach out to any of the Richmond operations supervisors for assistance. 

At the end of your shift we ask that you complete the survey to review your experience with the INTRAXX system at the link below. This link is also available through the "forms" section of this website. The goal of this program is to provide a safer, more versatile, and more usable workspace for all of our EMS professionals. 

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